LOOP '05 - The international video art fair
Nov 10 - 13, 2005


Presented artist: Stefan Panhans
Sreened film: SIEBEN BIS ZEHN MILLIONEN, 2005, 5:30 min

A man fixes his penetrating gaze on us, frontally, ceaselessly, almost aggressively. He has blue eyes, a three-day beard and wears an orange-red hip-hop style camouflage cap and a thick fur hood. In the background, snow flakes fall in nostalgic peace, in front of a fuzzy urban facade reminding of an abstract modern painting.
The social belonging of the man is unclear. His Situation might range between the well-heeled hip upper-middle class white-trash tweny-something and the homeless person. Sweating, in a hysterical staccato and in a cool music-video-like slang he tells us his shopping strategy when buying an undefined high-tech hardware product.
In an almost conspirational, missionary forcefulness, he talks about the demanding >work< of consumption, about daily confusion and paranoid moments in contemporary temples of consumption. Starring from a pedantic, obsessive nightmarish product search, he finally pictures the arrival at a decision as a mystical, almost pseudo-religious experience.