Sep 26 - Sep 30, 2002

Galerie Olaf Stüber Art Forum Berlin 2002

The exhibition The gallery I'm dreaming of... of Dellbrügge & de Moll allowed everybody during the International Congress of Architects in Berlin to shape their dream-gallery. The participation was overwhelming. Amateurs were seduced by the aesthetics of the building materials and projected daring models: unstable constructions, mobile buildings, artificial ruins. The experts created compact bodies and programmatically minimalised ellipses. The abundant range covered baroque inventions, ordinary conglomerates and abstract settings.
Art Forum Berlin is reviving the fascinating days of intellectual perestroika in the Gallery Olaf Stüber in a project-booth of Dellbrügge & de Moll.
The model of the gallery which ended up as the favourite of the construction-phase stood out due to its sterdiness and flexibility. No other building was be-ing extended in so many variations. That is why the gallerist Olaf Stüber is holding it in his arm on a lifesize portait painting.
You will also meet the other builders in the project booth in form of paintings: absorbed in material research, struggling with gravity, discussing an architec-tonic subtleties, immersed in contemplation.
On the table that once was the site of the building activities, the paintings are now spread out like at a dutch market stand of the 17th century. (Back then the artists were pushing onto the markets with such vigor that the administration tried to intervene with rules and regulations.)
In honor of everybody involved, the Gallery Olaf Stüber has published a poster on occasion of the Art Forum, which shows the gallery-models, thus honoring the masters of modern architecture. They all gave up the role of mere spectators and became actively involved. Go for your free copy and spread the spirit of Do-it-yourself!