Dirk Meinzer | Anke Wenzel

Oct 30 – Dec 18, 2010

Dirk Meinzer SEUFZEN

Dirk Meinzer conducts field research in the realm of the sirens, those characteristic hybrid enchantresses that one encounters in the myths of cultures everywhere. Dirk Meinzer describes them as “alluring harbingers of another world, who entice travellers into staying, into madness, into death. They wait on the threshold of the unknown, of paradise, of exotic lands, singing mirror songs that forces passers-by to confront their own obsessions.”

Dirk Meinzer leads a vibrant, exhilarating dance across every corner of every field, and on his quest for hidden, dangerous temptations he transcends the fields’ boundaries, fuelled by never-ending sense of curiosity and adventure. His concept is also about transcending his own role as a creator and author. Like an artistic pied piper, Dirk Meinzer invariably entices all manner of experts, specialists and enthusiasts into his projects and his life.

When Dirk Meinzer brings his work together in an exhibition, like now in his second solo show at Galerie Olaf Stüber – this time in cooperation with Anke Wenzel – he creates an orgiastic party in the here and now – but also ushers in the spiritual world with a twinkle in his eye.

(Annett Reckert)