June 23 - July 20, 2007

Com&Com The Big One

We are pleased to present THE BIG ONE, in the second solo exhibition of COM&COM at the Galerie Olaf Stüber. This transmedial art project includes the media movie, painting and print.

Anna (Yangzom Brauen) has just buried her beloved aunt as California waits once more for the big quake to hit. Unsure of where she is going, she climbs into her old convertible for a trip through the desert. Along the way she meets a series of bizarre characters, including two dancing glitter girls, a crazy jogger and a heartbreaking crooner. Anna’s friends and family also appear repeatedly to her in her car for imaginary conversations. The levels of time and perception, of the past and present, begin to merge and the trip increasingly becomes a journey into Anna’s consciousness.

THE BIG ONE is not a film about an earthquake, but rather a road movie about life, love, and the big questions: who am I, where do I come from and where am I going? What we eventually realize is that everything that is, is material for what will come.

USA/CH, 25 min., 2005
Directed and produced by Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt (COM&COM)
Script by Johannes M. Hedinger
Camera and edited by Simon Baechler
Music by Mario Marchisella
Cast: Yangzom Brauen, Selene Luna, Pearl Harbour, Matt Lowe, Jack Barley, Courtenay Kellen Taylor, Maureen Kellen Taylor, Ronny Novick

painting / prints
The Movie THE BIG ONE consists of about 80% real movie images and 20% abstract digital animations, which partly merge with the real images. The colors and forms of the animations were generated out of the preceding realistic scene and its message. After the finishing of the movie the artists decomposed it in its piece parts. The movie form the basis and startging position for new works in different media. On the basis of movie stills from the animatino sequences handmade big format paintings were produced, likewise a print edition was made out of cross-fades of real and abstracts movie stills.

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Johannes M. Hedinger (*1971) and Marcus Gossolt(*1969) founded the art label COM&COM (Commercial Communication) in 1997. Their films, art, theatrical pieces, music, books and monuments thematize the border between high art and pop culture. They parasitically occupy the communication channels of advertising and mass media to enact performances of the concepts of original and counterfeit. The works and projects of Com&Com were showed already in over 15 countries and in over 80 exhibitions and numberous Festivals (among them 4 Biennials (Venice, Singapore, Shrajah, Turin) and solo exhibitions at Kunsthaus Zürich and Kunstwerke Berlin). Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt live in Zurich, St. Gallen and Berlin and work in situ.