John von Bergen, Baldur Burwitz, William Engelen, Thea Herold, Peter Jap Lim, Lina Kim, Karen Koltermann, Lutz Krüger, Marc Mer, Nicole Messenlehner, Wolfgang Oelze, Peter Piller, Susa Templin, Natascha Töpp, Christof Zwiener
curated by Ludwig Seyfarth

Mar 13 - Apr 30, 2004

The exhibition “You Don’t Have to Be That Specific” shows puzzling skin surfaces, tiny shifts of the terrestrial realm, human movements that can become entire buildings, told and scientifically recorded sleep reports, quite opaque drawings, secret messages that remain invisible to the uninitiated, visible remainders of a once flourishing commercial culture, how one can turn up the heat while reading art studies texts, a question of overestimated importance in an unusual place, professing to carry a horse’s head, the long-term effects of extended observation, the resting place of concealed bombs over many years, buildings between inside and outside, the picturesque aspect of nightly street battles, and how to avoid losing one’s train of thought while creating a sculpture.
Ludwig Seyfarth